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Maternity:  The best time for an expecting mother's portrait is between month 7 & 8.  You are still feeling round and soft and beautiful.  Whatever the timing may be, you have several options.  You can do a wrap that shows the full belly, you can bring your own top that is either very snug and fitted or a button-up shirt or cardigan sweater that opens in the front. The open front is what I call a 'peak-a-boo' top that shows a sliver of the belly.  {Note:  All final orders are professionaly retouched.}

Newborns:  Everybody loves those curled-up infant portraits.  If you want this type of baby portrait, you must schedule your appointment while you are still pregnant!  This portrait session must happen the first week new baby is home.  Seriously.  This is when baby is most likely to sleep.  Your delivery date is penciled-in and your session appointment should be around day 4 or 5. No clothing necessary.  Baby will be draped or swaddled.  Please be prepared to spend a couple of hours here...and relax...

If baby is already 10 days old or more, these portraits will most likely be with an alert infant in mom & dad's arms or in loosely draped material.  All sets are very simple and tasteful.  For babies this age, you may bring one simple prop or blanket or stuffed animal.  Please make sure these items are meaningful to you.  I am open to ideas, but simple is best.

    *Please note here that a sleeping infant can 'put up with' alot, an alert infant cannot.  My regular sessions with children usually contain 2 different sets or poses.  This comes down to one outfit one outfit and one naked baby pose.  Please try to decide ahead what is really meaningful to you.  Again, simple is best.
    **Any baby with sibling combinations should be considered as one pose of the two we will do.

6 months-ish:  Baby should be able to sit up on his own, favorite clothing can be used, and be prepared to make baby smile!  Parents are my main baby-wranglers!
9 - 12 months:  When baby takes his first step.  These portraits should be showing off his or her new legs in full-length shots.  Also, his or her discovery of the world.  Favorite clothing and favorite personal items encouraged.

Children:  1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years...
This is a fun time!  Anything goes with these youngsters, so let's try to make it about showing off their personality.  Favorite clothes, shoes, hair-things, toys welcome.

School age:  Woodsong Studio offers simple school portraits for anyone.  Home-schooler's welcome!

High School students:  I have an entire page dedicated to you!  Please visit my Seniors page on this site!
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Autumn & Winter

What in the world do we wear for our portraits?!
     Lots of people ask this question...It depends on what you are looking for.  Let me ask you a few questions... Is this going to be a family portrait that hangs on your wall?  If so, you should definitely consider your clothing color harmony.  If it's going to be hanging there for a few years, you should wear colors and styles that you will not tire of looking at.  Are you the formal type or are you a casual family?  Are you contemporary or the old fashioned type?  A portrait should reflect who you are. 
    First things first...we want to see your face!  Anything that distracts away from your faces should be reconsidered (such as busy patterns or color schemes, even stripes can be distracting.)
    My best advice is to lay all your outfits out on a bed and see if the colors and tones seem to go together.  Think about those handy paint swatches you get at the paint store...blues and yellows and tans or pinks and greens or earth tones.   Blacks, browns,and mid-tone grays are always good neutrals.  Blue jeans look good with almost anything.  Textured sweaters and scarves photograph well, too.  So long as they don't make you look too bulky.
    Be mindful of wearing clothing that is well-fitted, but not tight.  Dark colors hide and fade away, while white and light colors stand out and show more.
    A note about white clothes...I usually ask clients not to wear any white.  I know, it's a very popular color that everybody has that goes with everything and also matches each other.  Here's the's very distracting to the human eye and can take away from your lovely faces in a portrait. The first thing the eye goes to in a photograph is a white area.  The only time it's really okay is at the beach or in a white-on-white high-key portrait.  In other words, if you must use white, we need to do it on purpose.  So try to come up with something will make a big difference in the end, I promise you.

Also, if anyone has ever said to you, "That color looks great on you!"  Definitely consider it.
    You may also want to consider the colors in the room this portrait will hang in.  If it's mostly blues and white, you may not want a super large Autumn portrait hanging in that room...that room feels more like the beach maybe or a field of spring or summer get the picture...
    Almost anything can be converted to a Black & White print.  A touch of Sepia tone can warm it up.
    Large groups should consider using 3 or 4 similar colors throughout the group (see the above blue-yellow-pale yellow-khaki combination on the right).
If necessary, a phone consultation may help to iron things out a bit.
   Just ask yourself this question:  What is my end goal for this portrait?  You know why you are doing it, you just need to figure out what to do with it.  Woodsong Studio has many print and products available for your needs.

Here are some color tips...
  Light tones and colors seem light and airy.  
  Dark tones and colors seem more serious or formal.  
Woods ~ Browns, grays, black, blues and greens.
  Autumn ~ Browns, reds and earth tones .
  Summer ~ Aqua's, corals, yellows.
  Winter ~ Jewel tones or black, grays, or browns.
  Spring ~ lavender and green, sherbets, taupe.
  Beach ~ Pastels, white, and khaki.
   All images displayed on this website are protected by Federal Copyright law.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Newborn and Maternity sessions explained below.  Also, what should we wear for our portraits...
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